A diplomat is a representative commissioned by the government, who represents their state towards foreign states or international organizations.


The possession of a diplomatic passport does not in itself confer immunities and privileges, but only the accreditation in a host state. The only issuing authorities for diplomatic passports are the foreign offices and international organizations as well as subjects of international law. Protect yourself from so-called diplomatic passports from fantasy states and/or fantasy organizations. If you have any doubts about the passports offered to you, and if you want to be sure, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The diplomatic passport is a passport intended for cross-border travel, which is usually only issued to diplomats, consuls, high-ranking officials and elected officials. For those who don’t belong to the above-mentioned groups of people, and travels on behalf of the state, service passports are issued.


There is no entitlement to a diplomatic passport in that case. Holders of diplomatic passports from some countries have the privilege of being exempt from the visa requirement.


Diplomatic passports are issued to officials and mandate holders in the context of official or representative activities. It is therefore based on an actual and official cooperation. This can be provided through support in the economic, cultural, humanitarian or representative area and depends on the applicant's options.


Through our more than 31 years of contacts at the highest political levels, we can recommend suitable candidates for representative activities in the consular and/or diplomatic service.


Of course, you will be personally accompanied by us on the way to obtaining a diplomatic passport.


The prerogatives and privileges of members of the diplomatic service are very extensive. While members of the consular service (CC) only enjoy immunity for their official acts, members of the diplomatic corps (CD) can rely on extensive immunity.


Diplomatic immunity protects the diplomat and their family members from criminal, civil or administrative prosecution. The immunity normally only extends to the receiving state and when transitioning through third countries, but not to the sending state itself. Depending on the respective agreements, employees of international organizations can assert corresponding privileges in all member states. Furthermore, all diplomatic communication and correspondence is inviolable. The privileges of members of the diplomatic service or the consular service are regulated by the "Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations". However, for the few states that have not yet ratified the convention, the provisions of the convention apply as customary international law.


As a rule, honorary consuls receive a service passport or a diplomatic passport. Although, there are also countries that do not issue diplomatic passports to their honorary consuls. However, this does not affect the immunity and privileges of the consuls.


Not only states are entitled to issue diplomatic passports, but also international organizations and subjects of the international law (the United Nations, the Sovereign Order of Malta, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Union of African States, the ECOWAS, etc.).


If your ambitions gravitate towards one of these organizations, we can also help you competently in this area.


Issuing a diplomatic passport is a comprehensive official act of the authorities and ministries involved. Approval must be obtained from the sending state, then, the Prime Minister/President/Foreign Minister must give their consent. Only then can an appointment be made and the application for a diplomatic passport issued. The processing takes two to four months (depending on the sending country). If providers tell you it takes shorter times, this is simply impossible and dubious.


Therefore, BE CAUTIOS of obscure title and/or office providers who operate on the Internet; the mediation of offices (honorary consul, special ambassador, etc.) and diplomatic passports only via the Internet is illegal and definitely not possible. Furthermore, stolen or forged documents are sold by members of diplomatic missions. Of course, you need to KEEP AWAY from them. Not only the provider, but also the buyer loses their good name and can be penalized because of documents forgery, abuse of office and title, fraud and imposture.


Anyone who uses domestic or foreign official or service designations without authorization is liable to prosecution under Section 132.1 of the Criminal Code Act.


You can therefore trust our more than 31 years of experience in diplomatic and consular matters. Our procedures are professional - legal - compliant with the law, and you will be personally accompanied by us during the entire process.


It is therefore quite possible for suitable applicants to get an official diplomatic passport with special status. Please contact us with a copy of your identity card/passport (front and back) at: